I Heart NOLA Cont.

The reason that I havent posted any new pictures from New Orleans is because somehow all my pictures got accidentally deleted from my camera the night after Halloween. I am sooooo thankful that my friend Olga thought to upload some choice pics to her computer when we got in from partying Halloween night. Chris and Olga were so nice to invite me and whomever i wanted to stay in their amazing apartment in the French Quarter. I had the time of my life and cant wait to spend next Halloween theres again.

This is only the entry way/living room of Chris and Olga's apartment. it is super cozy and makes you want to be lazy, but there is so much going on down on the streets.

Olga makes these adorable mini top hats as well as burlesque style costumes. she hasnt set up an online store yet, but if you are intesested in them, let me know. (she is wearing her burlesque costume in my last post).

Terry was John Lennon for Halloween but people kept shouting "its the Geico caveman".

my pic for best costume

this was on frenchman st. any streets with bars basically looked like this, but its not as clausterphobic as it may look.

one of the best things about the french quarter (other than the fact that you can walk around with booze all day long) is that there is always great live music playing somewhere.

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