DIY: Wang Sweater

Thank you to Behind The Seams for posting a step by step diy guide to the Alexander Wang Sweater. You can click here to view the instructions.

I didn’t want my cutouts to be too sheer so I lined it with a black stretch mesh that can be found in the dancewear fabric section. I was really tempted to try lace; maybe next time. I had a little trouble doing this project. My internet didn’t work so I guessed as to wear the cut outs were. I ended up cutting two big holes right around each boob ugghhh. I had to end up using the back as the front. But then the neck was so high I thought I’d cut a little bit off. Turns out it was a bit too much and it is now a boatneck/off the shoulder style; not a look I was going for grrrrrr. Dont love it, but dont hate it.

Cheers To A Happy Meatball

I often enjoy spending lazy weekends watching Food Network. I’ve only seen a couple episodes of Giada At Home, but she tends to feature Italian style recipes that are fairly easy to make. Considering it was a lazy Saturday, I didn’t have the energy to write down the recipe or look it up online, so I just took what I could remember and then changed a few things to make my own interpretation of Spaghettini All'Amatriciana with a side of Happy Turkey Meatballs (what my roomie and I named them because happy is what they made us).

* All'Amatriciana is a traditional Italian pasta sauce base on guanciale (dried pork cheek), pecorino cheese, and since the late 18th century also tomato. (thanks wikipedia)

I get really focused/distracted while cooking and forget to document each step of the process with pictures, but I’ll try to be detailed in the instructions. When bacon and cheese is involved, you really can’t go wrong…

Ingredients for Happy Turkey Meatballs:
1.5 lbs Ground Turkey
1/2 cup chopped Italian Parsley
1/4 grated White Onion
2 lg handfuls of Breadcrumbs (Italian if available)
1 lg Egg
1 small handful shredded Pecorino Romano (or the best Parmesan you can afford)
1 good squirt of ketchup
5-6 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce (if you got it)
5-6 dashes of Hot Sauce (i.e. Tapatio) or a good pinch of dried red pepper flakes
Olive Oil for baking sheet

1.Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
2.Lightly grease baking sheet with a drizzle of olive oil
3.In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except for ground turkey and mix with hands
4.Once mixed, add ground turkey, add about a 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt(less if fine grain salt) and mix evenly, making sure to not work the meat too much or it will become less tender and moist.
5.Round mixture into meatballs about 2” wide or so and place evenly apart on cookie sheet.
6.Bake in oven for about 17-20 minutes. They will turn golden brown and the cheese will slowly start oozing out. Yummmmmm

If making the pasta too, you will want to start boiling a large pot of water when you pre-heat the oven for the meatballs. Add some salt to the water to induce boiling.

Ingredients for Spaghettini All'Amatriciana:
1lb/box of Thick Spaghetti
1/4lb chunk Pancetta cut into small pieces or 4 slices Thick Cut Bacon cut into small pieces
1 Onion halved, then thinly sliced (left over from meatballs)
1 14oz can of crushed Red Tomatoes ( I use the Italian ones that come in a 28oz can, and use a tiny more than half)
3/4 cup of White Wine
2 tbsp Olive Oil
Pinch of Red Chile Flakes
1 large handful of Pecorino Romano (you could always add more later)
1/2 cup Pasta Water reserved

1.Once meatballs have just been put into the oven, drizzle about 2 tbsp of olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
2.Add Pancetta or Bacon and sauté for a few minutes.
3.Add the sliced onions and lightly salt to soften. Let cook for about 4-5 more minutes.
4.Pour in white wine and let reduce about 2 minutes.
5.Put pasta into water and cook till al dente (chewy and tender)
6.Add red chile flakes and toss, then add crushed tomatoes and Simmer on low for about 10 minutes.
7.Add pasta water
8.Add Pecorino Romano and mix till it melts.
9.Drain Pasta, add to sauce and toss so that it coats the pasta evenly.
10.Serve immediately with a side of Happy Meatballs and wine.

Serves 4+

Most all of the recipes I post are very easy to make, but if anything isn't clear, i'd be happy to answer any questions.


Party Girls

A DIY Panini bar, an amazing fruit and nut salad with poppy seed dressing, delicious homemade mac n cheese with spinach, peppers, and breadcrumbs, yummy cupcakes made by entirely by scratch…I am amazed that I didn’t go into a food coma after my 2nd helping.

Even more amazing, how my friends looked that night:

Maltzy: AA strapless bodysuit, F21 Draped Knit Pant, Vintage Scarf, F21 Heels/ Whitney: AA Sexuality tank, F21 belt, Vintage Mossimo (pre-Target) Leggings, Thrifted Shoes, F21 Bracelet

Our Little Talia always looks like an adorable little French doll: Vintage beret handed down from mother, JJ Basics dress, DKNY Tights, Oh Shoes pumps.

Glowing Kim in vintage from head to toe gave birth to beautiful Lodi Peaches the following evening!

This sateen charcoal jumpsuit from Forever 21 was a great way to work on my posture (should have thought a little more about the nip slip factor). Patent Taupe YSL knockoffs by Delicious.

Blogger Friend: Sara Millionaire

After a night of fondue and girl talk, I learned that fellow Long Beach fashionista, Sara, has a fashion blog that also focuses on the idea of designer inspired, budget acquired looks.

Sara was so kind to dedicate a very flattering post about Milk It Honey on her blog,WAITIN ROUND 2 BE A MILLIONAIRE.

This stylish girl rocks a “classy” platinum do and hangs with a posse of gal pals who fully embrace their own individual style (can’t stand when a group of friends are all dressed the same). She draws me in with her straightforward attitude and outlook on fashion, while inspiring with her collages and fun business casual looks.

Check it out yo : wr2bam.blogspot.com


It Was Only A Dream. Or Was It…

Blown away by another amazing performance last Tuesday, my obsession has now gone beyond Lykke Li’s music. I am completely infatuated with her fashion foreword style (which most Swedes seem to have), mesmerizing dancing skills, and just her whole aura in general. Rocking layers of chains and a ruffled shawl that I have no words for, she took over my soul with her sweet voice and body pumping beats.

It became more dream like knowing that Ryan Gosling was standing a mere 4 ft away with his hypnotizing smile, tall stature, and fashiony plaid coat. I could have stared at him all night if she wasn’t killing it on stage and if it wasn’t my anniversary. I didn’t want to be completely inappropriate, however I think my boyfriend was more star struck than I was.

In the morning I had a dream that I walked into this huge closet in some big house (that later turned out to be mine) and Lykke Li’s outfit she had worn during the show was lying on the floor. I tried everything on, naturally. When she came to retrieve her things, I was elated and offered to take her to dinner. She agreed and we were off…that is, my alarm went off and woke me up : (

Here’s a little clip from the show:


Ohhh La La!

After drooling over the Ruffian F/W 09 collection that Karla recently posted, I have convinced myself that I now need a bodystocking. I have done a little Google searching and found that mydivascloset.com has the largest selection, although maybe not the most classy. I hope these pictures dont offend anybody.
I love the slashed detail on the side of the legs on this one.Dont worry, they have this in black as well. I like how low cut the v-neck in front is so that i can layer with lower cut tops...and how there's a open crotch for convenience. I mean, could you imagine trying to use the restroom otherwise?This is the closest thing that i could find to the one in the Ruffian collection, but its still fishnet which im not that excited about.

Available at mydivascloset.com for about $12 each.

After searching a little more, i found this one on lingeriediva.com for $10.39. Getting closer...

Apparently many diva's wear bodystockings.

Photo Credit: Style.com, Karla's Closet, MyDivasCloset.com, Lingeriediva.com

Happy Birthday Miss. Maltzy

You are beautiful and you always will be!

For this little cookie monster, i made a combination of a brownie and cookie that i found on Bakarella. They look delicious and taste even better. Go here for the recipe. Betty Crocker actually makes a pre-mix that comes all in one box, if you're feeling extra lazy. However, it doesnt make as big of a batch. Enjoy it slightly warm with milk, honey.

Last night also happened to be my boyfriend and I's 2 year anniversary. He loves pumpkin pie all year round, so i grabbed a can of Libby's Easy Pumpkin Pie Mix. It's great because you dont have to worry about all the ingredients. Just add evaporated milk and two eggs. I suggest splurging on the crust though. They sell Marie Callender's Deep Dish in the frozen food section. Seriously, easy as pie. Oh and dont forget the whipped cream!

Tonight is Maltzy's party. Hopefully I can get myself to step away from the food table long enough to take pictures of all my beautiful friends. Party outfits to be posted soon...



A Givenchy Nightingale knock off at Forever 21!!!!!

Samara Leather Tote $34.80

Although i am not a big fan of the obvious look of pvc, this may be the closest thing to the real deal that i'll be able to afford. As soon as they get it in black or dark brown, im all over that shit!


Pics of Picks

I visited Free People's website for the first time today because Google said they carried Jefferey Campbell shoes; along with some other very cute things apparently. Here are some things i would love to frolick around my lazy beach town in...


Wet Seals and Kitties

Sometimes I check out Wetseal.com just to see if there’s ever anything I would consider wearing. Most of the time the site is taken over by graphic print t-shirts with inappropriate phrases on them. Today however, I spotted some cute shoes at pretty decent prices…

I actually tried these on the last time I was in the fashion district in LA, but they didn’t have my size. I might just get my chance…Cut Out Peep Toe Bootie 32.50
I’ve seen these at Bakers for over $70.00. It’s a different textured finish, but still really cute. Peep Toe Stud Bootie $34.50
These also caught my eye. Ring Slide Peep Toe Bootie $29.50

Oh, and heres an example of what I had mentioned earlier. Maybe I’m over thinking it, but this site is targeted toward teen girls, no? Gives a whole new meaning to hello kitty... Hello Kitty Surf Boyshort


Garden Parade

When we missed our train to Santa Barbara (tear tear) last Saturday, we decided to just do whatever else popped into our heads. We were right next to Olvera St. and Chinatown (which i coincidentally just happen to be watching on TCM right now), so we just wandered for a couple hours. Afterwards, we went to Descanso Gardens in La Canada. Unfortunately they were closing 30 minutes after we got there so we barely able to experience even a small portion of it. What we did get to see was very beautiful and i cant wait to go back.

Fringe Poncho-Random store on Santee.St, Boots-We Who See, Everything else-Forever 21
Here some pictures of the tail end of the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown