Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $40

If you're still looking for some last minute gifts, here's a few ideas under $40.
Kayden Utility Boot by Xhilaration Genuine Leather $34.99 Target StoresBaked by Lewis and Poliafito Featured on Good Food as one of the best cookbooks to give as a gift $29.95 available in any major bookstoreCapri Blue Candles $28 Anthropologie, Specialty Gift Shops
My new favorite scent is Paris: A top of bergamot, white tea, lemon zest & ginger; the heart, a bouquet of jasmine, lavender, leafy greens, & ripe berries; the base, wild violets, white musk, soft cashmere & vanillaCavallini & Co Callendars Italian made and beautiful $21.95 Barnes & Noble, Anthropologie St. Germain Elderflower Liquor is delicious splashed in a glass of champagne. Lg. Bottle $35, Mini Bottle $5 give with a bottle of Champagne. Local grocer, liquor stores, BevMo


Slumdog Millionaire

If this movie is playing anywhere near you, I suggest you go see it. Dont check out the trailor first, dont set any expectations, just go see it.


Marni For Us Po Folk?

When browsing Nordstrom.com, my eyes suddenly were fixed on the BCBGirls 'Edmund' Sandal. At $109.95 I just might have to settle even though I am in love love love with the originals by Marni.

I must say, I am very appreciative that I am able to acquire designer looks without having to eat ramen for the rest of my life.


Tropic of Cancer

A while back, my friend Talia asked a bunch of her friends, including me, to appear in a music video for her band, Katie The Pest. It was a great experience and i am now considering listing "video vixen" on my resume. The song is called Tropic of Cancer and here is the final product.

This video, along with others can also be viewed on Katie The Pest's Myspace page: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=7723051
check it out yo


Afternoon Delight

This afternoon my roommate and i wandered into the neighbors yard and found a great new spot to take pictures yay! Afterwards we had a delicious vietnamese lunch and went shopping to for some x-mas decorations. now my home spells of pine and it officially feels like Christmas.

coat-zara, shirt-forever21, jeans-jbrand, shoes-bebe

tank-forever21, jacket-biz princess, skirt-vintage, shoes-soho(la)

I dont think i've ever mentioned it, but i am kinda obsessed with Lykke Li and with all things Swedish for that matter. She is so freaking cute and i was lucky enough to see her perform the last time whe was in the la area. after the show, i was determined to go home with some kind of souvenier.

flannel-old navy, shirt-Lykke Li, jeans-jbrand, snakeskin pumps-bebe

p.s. the headline was inspired by the fact that i was watching anchorman while i was posting this and does not have anything to do with my sexual orientation.


Do You See What I See?

I swear just yesterday i was pondering: if Forever 21 knocked off styles from American Apparel, would people go and by them from F21 instead because it is significantly cheaper; not really caring about American Apparel's system of making everything in USA? And then today I look on Forever21.com and there it is, smack dab in the sweater section:
Look familiar? This is the Heathered LS Sweater for $13.80. From the looks of it, it is quite close to my most favorite piece of clothing, American Apparel's Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover at $36.00.
I am curious to see if F21 was able to get the shape and texture remotely close to AA's version. I have been tempted to buy a few more just in case anything happened to these precious pieces of mine, but the $13.80 is definitely looking much more enticing. I just might have to go with Forever's copy if its good enough, what would you do?

Oh and here's another one:Above is AA's Unisex Mineral Wash Stretch Bull Denim Slim Slack priced at $74.00.
And here's F21's version for just $19.80 I think im going to have to make a stop by Forever 21 tonight.


Cold Hearted Snake

These freaking fabulous snakeskin pumps were on sale at Bebe for $89.00 (still steep for me/no pun intended). However they were the only ones left in my size and the floor model(with a teeny bit of wear and tear), so i was able to get them for $79.00. Considering that they're still online for $149.00, i dont really feel that bad about whipping out the credit card. Im still trying to figure out how to look completely natural walking in them (almost got it down), but i dont want them to get messed up in any way so i think ill try to figure out a way ride piggy back everywhere i go instead.

p.s. i also tried on these blue suede babies which are possibly the hottest shoes i've ever had on my feet, but unfortunately they were nearly impossible to walk in. tear tear