Do's and Dont's: Oktoberfest

In celebration of my friends' Sara and Sam's birthdays, we decided to head out our local Oktoberfest celebration for some brouhaha and bratwurst. Here are some do's and dont's: DO wear your finest liederhosen and most Heidiesque outfit, even if you are clearly not of German or Bavarian descent. DONT wear a big lifesize Teletubbies costume if you dont want to be the center of attention for the entire night. Otherwise, DO charge everyone that wants to take a picture with you. Those beers are expensive! DO wear your beer girl apron. It will keep you dry from the jackasses that dont know how to keep their beer in their cups or their mouths. DONT wear large creepy chicken like hands. The folks that decided to take hallucinagens may have a bad trip while doing the chicken dance. DO let loose and join in on the singing and dancing. DONT be that a-hole that starts shouting Yes on 8 while your girlfriends gay boss and his posse roll up to hang out.

Do's and Dont's : Weddings

DO wear a fabulous feather covered headband. It is the perfect accessory for a wedding or any party in general.
DONT wear Crocs to a wedding, or outside of your garden for that matter. And especially not while wearing a full pants suit. But im sure you all know this already.


Its An Addiction, Sir!

I originally wanted these in black, but my friends told me that i needed more variety than just another black lace up shoe (see what Rumi is doing to me? love you!). Anyway, i like that these have a uniquely shaped squarish toe without being too square, and the heel practically glistens. I also made a couple new purchases last night that i cant wait to share with you. Im still in denial that its 85 degrees outside and purchased a fabulous new winter coat. New pics soon!

Shoes from Soho, Los Angeles


Soft as a Baby’s Bottom

Sometimes I have super oily skin (summer/spring) and sometimes I get a combination where I will still have oily areas, but then patches of really dry skin.

After trying everything that cost from $5 to $55, I think I may have finally found my match. I believe it is oil free, but it is very hydrating without leaving a greasy feeling, and I don’t get oily patches throughout the day like I usually do. Also, my skin feels super soft and supple.

Now the test is whether it will hydrate my skin enough through the chilly and dry winter. For now, this $13 jar is doing the job, but next time I am going to try the Daily Regenerating Moisture Lotion with SPF 15 and the night cream. I hear they work wonders. Found at your local grocery and drug stores.


Cute Shoes, Ugly Carpet

After lusting after Stella McCartney's new shoe collection, i ordered some Aldo's that i decided were close enough. They would look so much cuter if my carpet wasnt doodie colored. sorry folks.

I actually found these cute pair of light pink patent loafers from Forever 21($22) before i saw the ones by Poly($108) on Pixie Market. They also had black ones, but they were a little too shiny for my taste.

And finally, the Sigerson Morrison for Target flats. They didnt have the gold studded ones, but i am absolutely smitten with the silver ones i ended up with.


Romantic Black Blouse

just had some fun with this new blouse i found at Soho. paired it with a couple different pieces and my new lace up ankle boots. i ended up wearing the first outfit out with my loaner marni heels. i really wish i could keep those. i could literally dance all night wearing those.

My New Scood?

Found this scood (scarf/hood) at Imonni on 4th street, Long Beach. I kind of feel like im wearing a knight's chainmail hood, but i dig it.


Did I Call It Or What?

A few days ago i was comparing the prices of the zipper strap shoe by Lamb and Bebe. I was seriously thinking about buying the ones from BEBE, but wanted to see if Go Jane would knock them off too for even less...and they did. Still really cute too for only $29.99. Check it out and compare:


Whats Black & White With Grey All Over

Apparently my new fall wardrobe considering the last 15 things that i have purchased all fall into that color category. Its amazing how much easier it is to put an outfit together when you dont complicate it with colors. Ive been super lazy at putting my finds up, but my tv recently broke so i had no other choice. Here's my most recent buy:

The black drawstring jumper and white rosette top are both from my friend Rana's store in the fashion disctrict of la. its called Soho (9th & Santee). go there, she has amazing stuff.

Twinkle Toes

My friend made me buy these Zara shoes that she found for me at Wasteland. I was a little apprehensive on whether i could get away with wearing gold glitter shoes being over the age of 3 and all, but they are now my favorite things in the world. i call them my princess shoes.


A Shoe After My Own Heart

bebe $169....................lamb $370

im kinda having a hard time keeping track of who made which shoe first, with everyone knocking eachother off (i still love you jeffrey campbell). of course i would love to have the og's, but when i like the look of the knock offs better than the original (still obsessed with platforms) at a fraction of the price, its a no brainer for me. actually, maybe i should wait until they show up on gojane.com.

by the way, have you seen these? so good. bebe has actually caught my attention for once...

and yes, i too am very happy with forever 21's new shoe arrivals...keep em coming please!