Worth Every Penny

TOUCHE ECLAT Radiant Touch

ANTI-CERNES Multi-Action Concealer

I honestly dont remember the last time I spent more than $25 on any makeup product, but the dark circles under my eyes were starting to scare little children and i was desperate for a really good under eye concealer. I did a little research and found that apparently YSL's Touche Eclat (which works kind of like a highlighter) is like some kind of miracle product or something. I was a bit turned off by the $40 price tag, but the reviews made me get over it a little bit. Unfortunately my dark circles are soooo bad that the Touche eclat highlighter alone didnt exactly cut it, but i was very impressed by the YSL Anti-Cernes concealer. Every concealer creases and cakes under my eyes, and this is the only one that did not. The Touche Eclat just helped to brighten my eyes and finish the look. Your pocket book might night approve, but your bright eyes will.


You Will Be Mine

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Sigerson Morrison has collaborated with Target on a line of shoes to be sold at select stores and on Target.com from October 12th to December. These little gems are soon to be mine for only $29.99.


Mountain Views

This weekend i will be in Colorado Springs visiting an old friend and her adorable 3 year old. Colorado Springs is the home of many natural landmarks, apparently Elvira at some point or another, a large amount of Evangelical Christian organizations (we'll see how that goes), and hopefully some really good thrift store shopping . I plan to come back with some goodies to share.

Lets Get Loose

I finally broke down and ordered the aa sexuality shirt online after being continuosly dissapointed by the size selection at the closest store to me. The last 3 times i have been there, they didnt have any sizes in anything that i wanted. I give up. The shirt is soooooo comfy and i really think i need it in black now. I also got the black thigh high socks and the pocket frock, which i will post a pic of soon. Can you see the cute feather comb in my hair. Rana's adorable mom crafted me one while i shopped in their store, Soho in downtown la. Here's a close up:


In My Dreams

I would own this shoe along with every other one in Nicholas Kirkwood's Autumn/Winter 08 Collection.


My Latest Crush

I am completely smitten for Top Design's, Wisit. He is so stinking cute with his bashfulness and his opera singing, and talent in all things i love. Apparently he lives in my town, and although i dont usually get starstruck, i may squeal will joy and excitement if i ever saw him in person. Oh Wisit, you are a dream.


For the Love of Shoes

last night i completely fell for an amazing pair of Aldo heels, but something about them just rubbed me the wrong way...literally. They were made so that they zipped up the back, but way too high, causing it to rub into the back of my ankle and leaving a nasty red mark after just a few laps around the store. they are so stinking cute (even more so on) and i am trying to think of a way to keep the shoe from rubbing 6 out of my 7 layers of skin away after just one night out on the town. i would put a heel pad in, but the zippers the only way to get into the shoe (i think). Here's a LINK, tell me what you think. keep in mind that they look even better on my feet. And, they are actually pretty comfortable height wise. please help me with this dilemma?


15 dollar make you holler

I thought it would be fun to create a complete outfit for my blog on the 15dollarstore.com's myspace page. I choose some basics to create a really contemporary outfit that can take you from the office to a night out on the town. Each piece is only $15, with the whole outfit totaling $90. Not bad if i may say so myself...

Din Din

I've been eating really unhealthy food all week and started to feel it. I have plans to go eat at a really good burger place for lunch tomorrow, so for dinner tonight we made a super delicious salad that was filling and completely satisfied all of my tastebuds. We tossed mixed greens with baby spinach leaves, cucucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fuji apples, strawberries, goat cheese, almond slivers, and chicken breast baked with white wine, garlic, lemon and butter. It was all topped with a homemade dressing inpired by my super domestic friend, Courtney. I used Trader Joe's Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar, rice vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. Serve with a crusty baguette and viola!
everything i make usually incorporates a lot of ingredients, but those ingredients can be used for multiple dishes. always have a variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts in your kitchen and there will always be something delicious to eat.