This & That

I have this magenta top that hasnt seen the light of day because i havent been able to find the right bottoms to wear it with. it shows my midriff so i have to wear something highwaisted. As i was searching through my accessories drawer, Maltzy pointed out a belt i havent worn in 5 years! i decided to throw them together with my new bandage skirt from Target and see how it looked. Maybe this pink isnt for me?

blouse-soho(los angeles), belt-bijou bijou, skirt-target, heels-nine west

Its in the Genes

When i wore my super soft and comfy genie jeans to visit my grandma a couple weeks ago, she told me that she wanted a pair cuz they would fit her hips. i didnt know if i should take that as a compliment or to never go out in public with them on ever again. They may make my hips look huge, but if i stick my hands in my pockets and pull them inwards, its not that bad, right? Did i mention that they are super soft and comfy?

blazer-thrift, tank-f21, necklaces-f21, genie jeans-zara, heels-nine west

My Old Friend from the Hood

Thanks to Kirsty Lee's post on diy acid wash, i was able to transform my boring blue hoodie that i so sadly neglected for so long into this:
not bad, huh? and at a super fraction of the price as the one on American Apparel, although the black one they have is kinda calling my name.


On Target

I don't call Target, "Tarjay" because i think its lame and sounds stupid, and i'm not ashamed to say i shop at the one in Compton, yes Compton. Because it is on my way home from work, and i can always find cute clothes there in my size, even if it is the last one. Its like its there, just waiting for me to come and snatch it up. Here are my new outfits from Target. Sorry for the lack of pizazz, its late and i didn't feel like styling the shot or brushing my hair.

grey t-$9.99, bandage skirt-$12.99, richard chai for target racerback-$12.99
not having buyers remorse-priceless


Summertime in the LBC

Today a friend had a backyard party with a huge skate ramp and delicious homemade falafels he made by scratch. We soaked up the sun while all the boys skateboarded, but mostly we took pictures of ourselves...high-waisted, its how we do
this is my roomie/good friend Maltzy. she is amazing. i think i am going to start calling her mia
whitney and i have become addicted to the continuous shot option on my camera. its all about the action shots. and then this guy was there...
i believe he is wearing board shorts over tuxedo pants. yes, my friend, you are one of a kind.

Pure Heaven

After making the ice cream sandwich, i wanted to use the rest of the strawberry ice cream in an even more creative way. I remembered how Cheesecake Factory's used a biscuit for their strawberry shortcake instead of sponge cake or angel food, so i enlisted the help of my dear friend Talia (thanks for reading my blogs) to collect a couple of the ingredients. I have declared this my signature dessert!

Try this at home for your loved ones or yourself before strawberries are a bazillion dollars again!

* buttermilk biscuits (Ralph's bakery section)- this is what made the dessert amazing. Their pre-made biscuits are so moist and soft with just a hint of salt. I suppose you can try a cut and bake kind or make your own!
* strawberry ice cream- i recommend Dryer's (Edy's) Rich & Creamy Grand, Real Strawberry. It seems less sweet than others i've tried.
* fresh sliced strawberries tossed in sugar- let sit in fridge for about 30 minutes before to get the syrup going.
* cool whip- the only way to go


Week Night Shenanigans

i went out! on a week night! i know, its crazy to me too! its late, i should have been asleep hours ago. it was all about the girls tonight...


Ben Sherman Dress, Recycled

A couple years ago i had been eying this Ben Sherman dress at Urban Outfitters, but unfortunately the price was a bit too steep for me. You can imagine my surprise when i walked into my room the other day to find it laid on my bed, waiting to greet me. My amazing roommate, Maltzy, had acquired it from a friend, who had most likely gotten it second hand, but it was too big on her so she decided i would have it. I absolutely love its versatility and that its subtly sheer with a slight sheen. I was super excited that i finally had something to wear with my high waisted bubble shorts. Here are a few different ways i decided i could wear it...

I Like to Eat

Although im not a big fan of Rachel Ray's shows (for obvious reasons), i often try out her 30 minute meals that i search on rachelraymag.com. I've made the full recipe of the shepherd's pie before, but since i only had about a pound of meat left in the fridge, i just cut down the recipe to make a personal pie for lunch tomorrow. its was actually very easy and took only about 20 minutes. my co-workers are gonna be so jealous.Last night i made my beautiful friends dinner, and for dessert i surprised them with a homemade ice cream sandwich. I just warmed up two chocolate cookies and stuffed a heaping spoonful of super creamy strawberry ice cream in between. so easy and you're friends will love you more than they already do.

Rack n Roll

Im listening to the live version of heartbeats by the knife right now and its putting me into a glorious daze...mmmmmm. Anyway, i finally surrendered myself to my messy room and put a rolling rack in there. I decided it wasnt very much fun trying to walk around my clothes i keep throwing on the floor and my boyfriend was starting to feel a tad claustrophobic. It was the best idea ever. My closet isnt exactly the easiest closet to access so its way easier to just throw them on top of the rolling rack (at least the ones i wear on a regular basis). It doesnt look as messy, and my clothes stay cleaner longer. Pick one up at Target for $15 and your room will always look like you're about to style a shoot, kinda.



This stuff will knock your socks off, its so good. A dear friend introduced it to me not too long ago and i've been hooked ever since. Its always the focus of the party, friends have one taste and they just cant stop. Its about $9 a bottle, but it will save you the trouble of trying to decide what to serve last minute guests, and it can be used so many different ways. Usually we just pour it over some cream cheese and serve it with crackers. I also like to use it as a glaze over grilled pork chops. But my favorite dish to use it on is my special monte cristo sandwich. It basically a sandwich constructed of french toast stuffed with sliced turkey, ham, swiss cheese, spread with the special sauce and then topped with powdered sugar. It adds a little spice and sweetness to a savory sandwich. Its simply delicioso.

I finally ran out of it, so i decided this time to try the original. Hope it can live up to my expectations...

eh, it's a little too sweet. i prefer the more peppery chipotle flavor of Robert Rothschild's version.


My Weekend

This weekend i went down to San Diego to visit the extended family. On a whim i decided to purchase a new Canon S5IS. Im still getting used to all its functions, but im really excited about my new toy!

Here are two lover crabs that i kept waiting for to come out of from under the rocks. Thank goodness my new camera has 12x zoom. so cute!

This is in La Jolla, right by my uncle's wine shop. It was such a beautiful day, so i wore my semi-summer outfit.

bubble shorts-C. Luce Inc. (Soho, LA)

This morning we had a basic korean breakfast... or what i like to call, whatevers in the fridge from the past week and a boiled egg caserole. Of course it always includes the staple of korean cuisine, kimchi (radish & cabbage).

Its always interesting having breakfast with my grandfather while he constantly mumbles about how korean food is so much better than all other cuisines because all other foods smell weird, meanwhile my grandmother is swatting away flies (that are on the other side of the screen door) because they are attracted to the very potent stench of the kimchi & deonjang). And then there's always the appetizing way my grandfather uses a small bowl to loudly spit fish bones into, and drinking water out of a measuring cup even though there are plenty of perfectly good cups in the cupboards. Gotta love my crazy korean family.

Karizzle fo Shizzle

I was pleasantly surprised to see that i could find some actual articles and features in September's Harpers Bazaar. I was expecting 98% advertisements like Vogue. I was even more surprised to find this amazing picture of Karl Lagerfeld dressed like a thug. Oh Karl, you're the bomb.com.


Lipstick Jungle is Still on the Air?

I was trying somewhat to pay attention to what was happening on tonight's Project Runway, but when you've got four chatty girls and two bottles of wine, its easy to miss a thing here and there. It was my understanding that the designers had to get in teams to create an outfit for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle. Now, im sure that she told them what the character usually likes to wear, but i doubt she told them "generic, dated, and tacky". After listening to the creds the judges were giving to the designs that were a little less ugly than the rest, i completely gave up. "Are they high?" "Is it me?" I still dont even know who won, but i really dont care at this point. Such a disappointment.

Back on the Chain Gang

Yeah, so somethimes I can become a slave to the fashion trends of the season. But of course only if i know i can pull it off for sesasons to come; and if fits within my shopping budget. I have to admit that i am really digging the layered chain necklaces and was completely inspired by Givenchy Fall 2008. I immediately scooted over to my trusty F21.
Here is my interpretation:

I can often count of F21 to have some basics, but i was pleasantly surprised to see so many options. I just choose three separate necklaces (about $7 each) to create the look.