Im A Hands On Type Of Girl

I have always been intrigued by the idea of driving gloves. I understand that people wore than back in the day when steering wheels were wooden or made of metal and that they may have not had a heating system in their automobiles, but I still really want a pair.

I wonder how silly I would look wearing them while driving my CR-V (that already has a steering wheel cover) in the middle of summer…

Perhaps I will wait till it gets cold again to wear these fine Dunhill driving gloves


Sara M. said...

OMG, I'm desperate for a pair of brightly colored driving gloves (exhibit A, exhibit B). Patricia Field sometimes has cute ones. Ines Gloves has the most awesome selection but they are too expensive for me :'(

Brook and Lyn said...

Me too! I love driving gloves! I'm not sure where to really wear them but I love them and if I ever see them incredibly on sale I would buy them in every color. I think we can both pull off the half finger ones in the fall.

S. Mimi C. said...

1) I wish I could drive ):
2) I actually have a pair of unused driving gloves that I found in my mom's closet. But I can't drive. And don't even have a car. And the gloves are in an ugly dark green colour.

Lovely posts. (Lovelier gloves.)