Do You See What I See?

I swear just yesterday i was pondering: if Forever 21 knocked off styles from American Apparel, would people go and by them from F21 instead because it is significantly cheaper; not really caring about American Apparel's system of making everything in USA? And then today I look on Forever21.com and there it is, smack dab in the sweater section:
Look familiar? This is the Heathered LS Sweater for $13.80. From the looks of it, it is quite close to my most favorite piece of clothing, American Apparel's Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover at $36.00.
I am curious to see if F21 was able to get the shape and texture remotely close to AA's version. I have been tempted to buy a few more just in case anything happened to these precious pieces of mine, but the $13.80 is definitely looking much more enticing. I just might have to go with Forever's copy if its good enough, what would you do?

Oh and here's another one:Above is AA's Unisex Mineral Wash Stretch Bull Denim Slim Slack priced at $74.00.
And here's F21's version for just $19.80 I think im going to have to make a stop by Forever 21 tonight.


Vintage Tea said...

you have a cool blog. I like your outfit posts

Milk It Honey said...

thanks! i really need to work on getting more of those up.

Tamia said...

I know I'm not supposed to like Forever21, but I still shop there.
Ah, well...

Milk It Honey said...

dont deny it just embrace it. my love for f21 is deep.