Cold Hearted Snake

These freaking fabulous snakeskin pumps were on sale at Bebe for $89.00 (still steep for me/no pun intended). However they were the only ones left in my size and the floor model(with a teeny bit of wear and tear), so i was able to get them for $79.00. Considering that they're still online for $149.00, i dont really feel that bad about whipping out the credit card. Im still trying to figure out how to look completely natural walking in them (almost got it down), but i dont want them to get messed up in any way so i think ill try to figure out a way ride piggy back everywhere i go instead.

p.s. i also tried on these blue suede babies which are possibly the hottest shoes i've ever had on my feet, but unfortunately they were nearly impossible to walk in. tear tear

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