October Anniversary

while flipping through February's Nylon, i found these ridiculously amazing and giant rings (hand pieces) by October Anniversary. You really have to see the pictures on their site to get an idea of how big these rings really are. I seem to be attracted more to the silver plated gold rings; of course those are the more expensive ones. They also use recycled metals sourced from eco-friendly factories and donate part of their profits to charity.
fire coral
delicate flower
deserted beach scene
peace lily
freedom birds


mary said...

lovely blog :-D

Molly Gray // Flavia M. (same girl) said...

that ring is super cute.

OhDearLeah said...

i saw them. amazing!

love your blog


Anonymous said...

they are so cool


noelle chantal said...

those are very interesting pieces. the peace lily ring is really beautiful. :)