Whats Black & White With Grey All Over

Apparently my new fall wardrobe considering the last 15 things that i have purchased all fall into that color category. Its amazing how much easier it is to put an outfit together when you dont complicate it with colors. Ive been super lazy at putting my finds up, but my tv recently broke so i had no other choice. Here's my most recent buy:

The black drawstring jumper and white rosette top are both from my friend Rana's store in the fashion disctrict of la. its called Soho (9th & Santee). go there, she has amazing stuff.


Krystal said...

Great looks!


Jillian said...

you really have some AMAZING pieces! i love the white top especially! i would LOVE to raid your closet!

you're stunning!

Brook and Lyn said...

That is a fantastic top. Does Rana have a online boutique?