Do's and Dont's: Oktoberfest

In celebration of my friends' Sara and Sam's birthdays, we decided to head out our local Oktoberfest celebration for some brouhaha and bratwurst. Here are some do's and dont's: DO wear your finest liederhosen and most Heidiesque outfit, even if you are clearly not of German or Bavarian descent. DONT wear a big lifesize Teletubbies costume if you dont want to be the center of attention for the entire night. Otherwise, DO charge everyone that wants to take a picture with you. Those beers are expensive! DO wear your beer girl apron. It will keep you dry from the jackasses that dont know how to keep their beer in their cups or their mouths. DONT wear large creepy chicken like hands. The folks that decided to take hallucinagens may have a bad trip while doing the chicken dance. DO let loose and join in on the singing and dancing. DONT be that a-hole that starts shouting Yes on 8 while your girlfriends gay boss and his posse roll up to hang out.

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