He Takes the Cake

The Food Network can be very dangerous to watch if you are trying to avoid certain foods and cravings. During a day of continuous cake focused episodes, the boyfriend texted me asking if i wanted any dessert. Could he read my mind? RED VELVET CAKE PLEASE! Before the next torturous episode even started, i was presented with my usual red velvet slice from Ralphs Grocery store and a gigantuous cupcake that came in this Beauty and the Beast rose case style thingy. I cant really remember what happened after that, i believed a passed out from joy/cake overload. Just another reason i keep him around.

Meanwhile, in a friend's refrigerator across the street, David D. makes me feel very guilty.i have been known on more than one occasion to force feed him pork products yet he still considers me his friend.

note: fridge door did not contain condiments, but a variety of teas. You are better than me David D.

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L'ours Chaka said...

one more reason to love david d. even more! if i lived alone, i don't think mine would look so very different...