WR2BAM/MilkItHoney Pt. 2

Finally! The rest of the pictures from my afternoon with Sara of WR2BAM. Yes, I am wearing two diy studded projects at the same time, but I couldn’t resist. I am finally going to get some wear out of that black denim skirt that had been neglected in the closet for who knows how long.

DIY Studded Beret-Soho (Los Angeles)
Really Old T-Shirt
DIY Studded Black Denim Skirt-H&M
Opaque Leggings-Forever 21
Boots-We Who See

This is our Asian gang pose.

My mom just treated me to lunch on my break. I love my family, but there’s something about spending time with them that makes me just want to take a long nap afterward.


hande said...

ohh ireally love this outfit perfect tee and skirt!!

Y said...

You all look so happy! nice outfits!

Sara Millionaire said...

Our Asian gang picture is definitely my favorite.