Summertime in the LBC

Today a friend had a backyard party with a huge skate ramp and delicious homemade falafels he made by scratch. We soaked up the sun while all the boys skateboarded, but mostly we took pictures of ourselves...high-waisted, its how we do
this is my roomie/good friend Maltzy. she is amazing. i think i am going to start calling her mia
whitney and i have become addicted to the continuous shot option on my camera. its all about the action shots. and then this guy was there...
i believe he is wearing board shorts over tuxedo pants. yes, my friend, you are one of a kind.


Richel said...

I love backyard parties! The only downside is that if you're not wearing clothes with simple cuts then you end up getting weird tan lines!

Milk It Honey said...

i know, spf 30 was my best friend that day!