My Weekend

This weekend i went down to San Diego to visit the extended family. On a whim i decided to purchase a new Canon S5IS. Im still getting used to all its functions, but im really excited about my new toy!

Here are two lover crabs that i kept waiting for to come out of from under the rocks. Thank goodness my new camera has 12x zoom. so cute!

This is in La Jolla, right by my uncle's wine shop. It was such a beautiful day, so i wore my semi-summer outfit.

bubble shorts-C. Luce Inc. (Soho, LA)

This morning we had a basic korean breakfast... or what i like to call, whatevers in the fridge from the past week and a boiled egg caserole. Of course it always includes the staple of korean cuisine, kimchi (radish & cabbage).

Its always interesting having breakfast with my grandfather while he constantly mumbles about how korean food is so much better than all other cuisines because all other foods smell weird, meanwhile my grandmother is swatting away flies (that are on the other side of the screen door) because they are attracted to the very potent stench of the kimchi & deonjang). And then there's always the appetizing way my grandfather uses a small bowl to loudly spit fish bones into, and drinking water out of a measuring cup even though there are plenty of perfectly good cups in the cupboards. Gotta love my crazy korean family.

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