Pure Heaven

After making the ice cream sandwich, i wanted to use the rest of the strawberry ice cream in an even more creative way. I remembered how Cheesecake Factory's used a biscuit for their strawberry shortcake instead of sponge cake or angel food, so i enlisted the help of my dear friend Talia (thanks for reading my blogs) to collect a couple of the ingredients. I have declared this my signature dessert!

Try this at home for your loved ones or yourself before strawberries are a bazillion dollars again!

* buttermilk biscuits (Ralph's bakery section)- this is what made the dessert amazing. Their pre-made biscuits are so moist and soft with just a hint of salt. I suppose you can try a cut and bake kind or make your own!
* strawberry ice cream- i recommend Dryer's (Edy's) Rich & Creamy Grand, Real Strawberry. It seems less sweet than others i've tried.
* fresh sliced strawberries tossed in sugar- let sit in fridge for about 30 minutes before to get the syrup going.
* cool whip- the only way to go

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