This stuff will knock your socks off, its so good. A dear friend introduced it to me not too long ago and i've been hooked ever since. Its always the focus of the party, friends have one taste and they just cant stop. Its about $9 a bottle, but it will save you the trouble of trying to decide what to serve last minute guests, and it can be used so many different ways. Usually we just pour it over some cream cheese and serve it with crackers. I also like to use it as a glaze over grilled pork chops. But my favorite dish to use it on is my special monte cristo sandwich. It basically a sandwich constructed of french toast stuffed with sliced turkey, ham, swiss cheese, spread with the special sauce and then topped with powdered sugar. It adds a little spice and sweetness to a savory sandwich. Its simply delicioso.

I finally ran out of it, so i decided this time to try the original. Hope it can live up to my expectations...

eh, it's a little too sweet. i prefer the more peppery chipotle flavor of Robert Rothschild's version.

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