For the Love of Shoes

last night i completely fell for an amazing pair of Aldo heels, but something about them just rubbed me the wrong way...literally. They were made so that they zipped up the back, but way too high, causing it to rub into the back of my ankle and leaving a nasty red mark after just a few laps around the store. they are so stinking cute (even more so on) and i am trying to think of a way to keep the shoe from rubbing 6 out of my 7 layers of skin away after just one night out on the town. i would put a heel pad in, but the zippers the only way to get into the shoe (i think). Here's a LINK, tell me what you think. keep in mind that they look even better on my feet. And, they are actually pretty comfortable height wise. please help me with this dilemma?


Tamara Yajia said...

adorable....we can do the usual band aid over the wound...but i think that for 110 bucks they should fit (almost) like a glove.

Milk It Honey said...

thats what im saying! a band-aid would just ruin the effect of how amazing they look on. dont they test these shoes out on people first?