Worth Every Penny

TOUCHE ECLAT Radiant Touch

ANTI-CERNES Multi-Action Concealer

I honestly dont remember the last time I spent more than $25 on any makeup product, but the dark circles under my eyes were starting to scare little children and i was desperate for a really good under eye concealer. I did a little research and found that apparently YSL's Touche Eclat (which works kind of like a highlighter) is like some kind of miracle product or something. I was a bit turned off by the $40 price tag, but the reviews made me get over it a little bit. Unfortunately my dark circles are soooo bad that the Touche eclat highlighter alone didnt exactly cut it, but i was very impressed by the YSL Anti-Cernes concealer. Every concealer creases and cakes under my eyes, and this is the only one that did not. The Touche Eclat just helped to brighten my eyes and finish the look. Your pocket book might night approve, but your bright eyes will.

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