Party Girls

A DIY Panini bar, an amazing fruit and nut salad with poppy seed dressing, delicious homemade mac n cheese with spinach, peppers, and breadcrumbs, yummy cupcakes made by entirely by scratch…I am amazed that I didn’t go into a food coma after my 2nd helping.

Even more amazing, how my friends looked that night:

Maltzy: AA strapless bodysuit, F21 Draped Knit Pant, Vintage Scarf, F21 Heels/ Whitney: AA Sexuality tank, F21 belt, Vintage Mossimo (pre-Target) Leggings, Thrifted Shoes, F21 Bracelet

Our Little Talia always looks like an adorable little French doll: Vintage beret handed down from mother, JJ Basics dress, DKNY Tights, Oh Shoes pumps.

Glowing Kim in vintage from head to toe gave birth to beautiful Lodi Peaches the following evening!

This sateen charcoal jumpsuit from Forever 21 was a great way to work on my posture (should have thought a little more about the nip slip factor). Patent Taupe YSL knockoffs by Delicious.


Newborn Hippy. said...

everyone looks so fab!

La Couturier said...

I absolutely adore that sateen jumpsuit!

La C.

Brook and Lyn said...

Great jumpsuit. You have some stylish friends.