It Was Only A Dream. Or Was It…

Blown away by another amazing performance last Tuesday, my obsession has now gone beyond Lykke Li’s music. I am completely infatuated with her fashion foreword style (which most Swedes seem to have), mesmerizing dancing skills, and just her whole aura in general. Rocking layers of chains and a ruffled shawl that I have no words for, she took over my soul with her sweet voice and body pumping beats.

It became more dream like knowing that Ryan Gosling was standing a mere 4 ft away with his hypnotizing smile, tall stature, and fashiony plaid coat. I could have stared at him all night if she wasn’t killing it on stage and if it wasn’t my anniversary. I didn’t want to be completely inappropriate, however I think my boyfriend was more star struck than I was.

In the morning I had a dream that I walked into this huge closet in some big house (that later turned out to be mine) and Lykke Li’s outfit she had worn during the show was lying on the floor. I tried everything on, naturally. When she came to retrieve her things, I was elated and offered to take her to dinner. She agreed and we were off…that is, my alarm went off and woke me up : (

Here’s a little clip from the show:

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