Happy Birthday Miss. Maltzy

You are beautiful and you always will be!

For this little cookie monster, i made a combination of a brownie and cookie that i found on Bakarella. They look delicious and taste even better. Go here for the recipe. Betty Crocker actually makes a pre-mix that comes all in one box, if you're feeling extra lazy. However, it doesnt make as big of a batch. Enjoy it slightly warm with milk, honey.

Last night also happened to be my boyfriend and I's 2 year anniversary. He loves pumpkin pie all year round, so i grabbed a can of Libby's Easy Pumpkin Pie Mix. It's great because you dont have to worry about all the ingredients. Just add evaporated milk and two eggs. I suggest splurging on the crust though. They sell Marie Callender's Deep Dish in the frozen food section. Seriously, easy as pie. Oh and dont forget the whipped cream!

Tonight is Maltzy's party. Hopefully I can get myself to step away from the food table long enough to take pictures of all my beautiful friends. Party outfits to be posted soon...


Brook and Lyn said...

I'm not searching like a lunatic around the house for sweets.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmm delicious! and the girl is so beautiful!

Tamia said...

I "accidentally" ate not one or two, but THREE brownies yesterday. Consequently, I'm cut off from sweets.
This post is not helping.