Garden Parade

When we missed our train to Santa Barbara (tear tear) last Saturday, we decided to just do whatever else popped into our heads. We were right next to Olvera St. and Chinatown (which i coincidentally just happen to be watching on TCM right now), so we just wandered for a couple hours. Afterwards, we went to Descanso Gardens in La Canada. Unfortunately they were closing 30 minutes after we got there so we barely able to experience even a small portion of it. What we did get to see was very beautiful and i cant wait to go back.

Fringe Poncho-Random store on Santee.St, Boots-We Who See, Everything else-Forever 21
Here some pictures of the tail end of the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown

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Brook and Lyn said...

Great poncho.

All ladies with the blue dresses sporting the tiger print scarves...that's really cute.